Brothers Pyrotechnics is a China-based brand located in the Guangxi province in the city of Beihai.  Brothers is an industry leader in new product development and have some of the best performing cakes and novelties known to exist.

In addition to the US market, Brothers brand is also popular in Europe, South America, Australia and China.  All Brothers brand items have exceptionally high testing and packaging standards.

Representatives of Garrett’s Fireworks make frequent trips to Brothers’ facility so that we always have the newest and most innovative products from the Guangxi region of China.
Grand patriot2

Grand Patriot

Grand Patriot is America’s newest and most innovative brand.  Each product is rigorously tested in China ensuring the highest level of quality and performance. 

Because of its commitment to quality in every aspect, Grand Patriot is rapidly growing in the US market and is living up to its reputation as “America’s Brand of Fireworks.”

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Lil patriot (1)

Lil Patriot

As part of our ongoing dedication to the safe use of pyrotechnics to celebrate America’s holidays, we feel that it is important for America’s children to learn the responsibility and fun that fireworks can bring if used properly.

We developed the brand “Lil’ Patriot” for all items safe for children to use with responsible adult supervision.

Lil’ Patriot Brand items include smoke, novelties, sparklers small fountains and does not consist of firecrackers or products that have projectiles of any kind.
Warrior fireworks


Warrior is a high-quality brand which was established in America’s Northwest and includes an artistic style which is not found with any other brand.

The products produced by Warrior fit in many markets but have a special appeal to items sold on Native American reservations.

Black Cat

Black Cat Brand of fireworks is one of the oldest and most recognized brands sold in America today.  Black Cat is best known for their firecrackers and slogan that “Black Cat is the Best you can Get.”

Garrett’s Fireworks has now carried Black Cat items for several years with the primary focus of the tried and true items that Black Cat offers such as firecrackers and assortments.
Major league pyro

Major League PYRO

The newest addition to our product line is a China-based brand that has hit a home run in the American Market.

With innovative new product styles and label designs that are tops in the industry, Major League Pyro is poised for explosive growth in the years to come.